I make two types of dolls:
interior and «dolls for hugs».

Interior dolls, in fact, are sculptures decorated with fabrics.

I sculpt the body from self-hardening clay.
I love the texture of these materials. And I also like the result: the dolls' faces are delicate, transparent.

Understandably, this dolls are quite fragile and must be handled with care.
The most durable materials have been selected for the «dolls for hugs». You can hold these dolls in your arms and even hug them!

The head and arms of these dolls are made from papier-mâché (paper layered with glue prepared according to a special recipe). I use the glue for restoration works - it gives special strength, while allowing the finished product to be perfectly smoothed. The hands are made from the same material.
I sew the body of the «dolls for hugs» from thick cotton fabric and stuff it with padding polyester.

The dolls' arms are bent at the elbows and can rotate at the shoulder joint (they are attached to the body on cotter pins). The legs are bent at the hip - the doll can sit.

For the sculptural dolls, I use natural sheep tress.

For others - mostly wool for felting, but sometimes also sheep tress.

I paint the face and hands of the dolls with tempera and watercolors or dry pastel. I like the transparency of these paints, their expressive possibilities.

For painting fabrics I use batik and acrylic paints.

I like to use natural fabrics. Have you noticed while touching, that they are warmer than synthetic ones? Natural silk, cotton are «alive» and can be nicely draped into beautiful folds. It's good to work with them. Also it is pleasant to touch dolls that wear dresses made of natural fabrics.

I especially like Italian silk and velvet, Russian, German, French and Japanese cotton.

For the interior dolls, I often cannot find the right fabric - either the color is not the right one, or the drawing is not fine enough. Then I paint white silk myself using the batik technique.

I love using antique fabrics, tiny pieces bought at flea markets.
I also really like lace. I buy thin cotton lace for my dolls. Some dolls are especially lucky: they wear antique lace and lace from the island of Burano.

I like to modify fabrics, embroider them with beads, as well as with leafs and flowers.

My favorite beads are Japanese - they are fine and have a huge variety of colors.
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